Managed Systems

New Light Enterprises has invested in putting the technology and processes in place to provide convenience and peace of mind to our clients with our managed transportation systems.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

We offer our clients a proprietary and industry-leading managed transportation system that utilizes API technology. The TMS interfaces with our staff, clients, as well as carriers to schedule shipments, obtain tracking, and generate documentation such as weight and inspections (W&I) certificates, Proof of Delivery (POD), and more. Our transportation management systems are built on a secure and robust platform used by Fortune 500 companies. 

Some of our advantages include: 

    • Rate Shop, execute shipments, and generate necessary documentation quickly and repetitively without emails or redundant keystrokes.
    • Process orders using our carriers or yours…or both!
    • Ship freight collect and 3rd party billed shipments at no additional costs.
    • Integra-table with most ERPs, WMS, and General Accounting Software.
    • Produces labels and can auto-label and assign GL and Carrier Pro Numbers.
    • World Class reporting technology allows the user to build business intelligence while they ship.
    • Shipment optimization, consolidation, and planning tools
    • User simplicity, security, and accountability measurements

Freight Bill Audit & Pay, Processing, GL Management (FBAP)

We offer our clients the ease of having their freight bills Pre-Audited, GL Coded, and prepared for approval. Furthermore, consolidated billing and file transmission of batch invoices provides one clean and documented payment to all carriers, reducing internal Accounts Payable as well as administrative costs.

Man at laptop looking at various systems including managed transport systems
Large trucks parked in a line

How will our systems help your business?

Our custom built managed transportation system will help you and your business succeed in the following ways:

  • Cost and time savings.
  • Access to a cutting edge, custom built platform that is constantly being upgraded.
  • Visibility into your supply chain.
  • Streamline billing for all of your shipments.
  • Access to all of your carriers and our carriers in one convenient place.
  • And more!

Contact us to learn more about how the systems we’ve put in place can help your business.