Managed Services

Need the staff but don’t have the budget?  Not sure what mode of transportation would be right for you? Our team of professionals will be happy to assist. 

This unique offering allows our clients the ability to truly focus on their business by integrating our staff to support or fully manage their shipments. This service combines our Transportation and Technology offering with a professional motivated team specifically tailored to your business plan. Our team is proven to deliver results in these areas:

    • Rate Negotiations with carriers
    • Proper Carrier Utilization by customer, product, and delivery.
    • Client’s customer interaction and support
    • TMS Auto-pilot™ feature where we route the shipments for you.
    • Client and client’s customer training on Transportation trends, law, and freight cost management and reduction.
    • Staffing readily available and custom trained for any scenario.
    • Data Analysis, Supply chain consulting and reconfiguration execution.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help support or manage your shipping.