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At New Light Enterprises, we believe in the power of connection. That’s why we offer our valued customers the unique opportunity to talk directly to our CEO, Tony. Whether you have questions, comments, or concerns, we are here to listen and provide the highest level of service. Schedule an appointment slot to meet one-on-one with Tony and experience our commitment to exceptional customer care.

"In order to grow our business...

we desperately needed a freight company that we could trust to take the stress, financial pressure and fear out of shipping our products across the country – luckily, we found the best in New Light Enterprises.  Not only is there always a kind person ready to help, answer questions and plan our shipments, but they do it with a sense of care for our business that we never knew could exist. ” – New Light customer

"We have been working with NLE for nearly 5-years...

and have cemented a valuable business relationship.  I have become dependent of their expertise and attention to detail. Tony, the CEO, is trusted adviser and great friend. NLE is a class act!” – Tim, Traffic Data

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of custom and standard solutions for your logistics needs including, but not limited to:

LTL (Less Than Truckload) FTL (Full Truckload)
Volume Shipping Expedited Delivery
Intermodal (Rail, Air, Sea) Small Package Parcel Optimization
Tradeshow Delivery International Shipping

It’s not how we get it there… it’s the way we work with you to get it done!

New Light Enterprises is a relationship-driven company that takes ownership of your logistics challenges and supports your total business goals including logistics, systems, as well as staffing. We stand confident and are ready to help you optimize your supply chain with our custom logistics solutions.

Additionally, our team of fully accountable, can-do professionals will work with you to develop tailored logistics services that maximize your freight spend and also recoup valuable time. By partnering with us for your custom logistics solutions, you can undoubtedly expect superb customer-centric care™ to ensure that your logistics needs are met with the highest level of service. Our people-focused approach to root cause problem solving will help your business sell more by lowering the overall costs of doing business.

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Managed Systems Icon: New Light Enterprises - Orchestrating custom logistics solutions showing arrows circling a cog wheel.

Managed Systems

Managed Services Icon: New Light Enterprises - Providing hands-on support for custom logistics solutions, symbolized by open hands beneath a cog wheel.

Managed Services

Consulting Services Icon: New Light Enterprises - Collaborative discussions for tailored logistics solutions, depicted by a group with speech bubbles.

Consulting Services

Staffing Icon: New Light Enterprises - Building a stellar team for customized logistics solutions, illustrated by a group with a shining star above their heads


Distribution Network Icon: New Light Enterprises - Seamless dispersal of packages in diverse directions, symbolizing our comprehensive logistics solutions.

Distribution Network

“Let’s delve into your supply chain and logistical requirements in a call with me, Tony, CEO of New Light. During our conversation, I’m eager to learn about your specific challenges and discuss ways we can work together to develop the ideal strategy for your success. I’m excited to speak with you.”

Notebook witting open with a pencil on top and a cup of coffee next to it
Decision-Making in Logistics: Balancing Speed and Accuracy

Decision-Making in Logistics: Balancing Speed and Accuracy

In every industry, decision-making is crucial, but in logistics, it’s especially critical. Professionals in the field must constantly juggle the need for speed with the necessity of accuracy to keep things running smoothly. This balance can make or break operational...

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