Freight Consulting Services

When you need assistance with growing your shipping capabilities, scaling your processes, or maximizing your supply chain, New Light Enterprises is here to assist your team with our freight consulting services.

Running a business is overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating the complex world of freight. With New Light Enterprises, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team of seasoned veterans of the freight, logistics and supply chain industry offer expert freight consulting services is here to help you better understand the ins and outs of shipping. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed, and our freight consulting services are designed to help you navigate the challenges of the shipping industry with ease.

When you succeed, we all succeed!

We would be happy to offer our consulting services in the following ways:

    • Transportation Consulting – All Modes
    • Sourcing Warehouse Space
    • International Compliance
    • Inbound Vendor Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Freight Claims avoidance and mitigation
    • Logistics/Shipping Education Seminars and Training
    • Logistics/Pre-Legal Review – including contract evaluation, freight claims, and staffing and job role evaluation
    • Growing Sales Using Freight as a Profit Center
    • Small Project and Segmental Consulting
    • Total Supply Chain Design and Build for national, international, and specific markets and regions.
    • Developing Brands and Shipping in the Food Supply Chain
    • Grocery Supply Chain shipping and distribution
    • Personal Leadership Development for Executives (All ages)

*We include many of these freight consulting services with our other offerings at no additional charge. For services that are considered “consulting only”, we will provide a quote in advance on a per-project basis.

Man selecting advice for freight from a list of services

Please contact us if you’re interested in learning how we can support your team.