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XPO’s LTL service is escalating to new heights, marking a game-changing chapter for the freight giant. Beyond merely moving goods, it’s now about establishing an entirely new standard for efficiency and ensuring customers are consistently delighted.

In 2021, they laid out an ambitious plan, LTL 2.0, to bolster their operations. By 2022, they dedicated themselves entirely to becoming a North American LTL carrier, zooming in on providing top-notch service. Consequently, the outcome was a remarkable 35% surge in service levels and a staggering 70% rise in damage-free deliveries year-over-year.

“As recently as November, we set a company record for damage-free delivery,” Hoereth said. “These improvements are translating into really happy customers who are giving us more business.”

XPO’s been stepping up its game, revamping training programs and loading methods to arm their field operations with new tools. Simultaneously, the introduction of an advanced airbag system and top-grade straps for more secure handling ensures the safety of customers’ shipments. Combining these efforts has led to setting new quality records while opening doors for further enhancements.

Their strategic approach involved making prudent investments to stay ahead of customer needs. Expanding service centers by 10 and adding 500 new doors has paid dividends. In turn, this has been particularly beneficial in locations like Garland, Texas, and Salt Lake City, boosting their capacity to serve more customers and manage growing markets.

And they’re not stopping there. Additionally, with 2,000 new tractors and 10,000 trailers, all made in-house at their Arkansas facility, they’re doubling down on efficiency to better manage customers’ shipments.

Hoereth also revealed XPO’s new services like “retail rollouts,” catering to time-sensitive retail displays. There’s also the “must arrive by date” (MABD) service, guaranteeing on-time deliveries to retail giants.

But their growth doesn’t stop there. Furthermore, the recent acquisition of 28 service centers from Yellow promises a big leap forward, positioning XPO for stellar service and even more extensive network reach.

It’s all about setting the bar high for XPO—world-class service, seamless operations, and forward-looking investments, all to better serve customers and create future opportunities.