A wooden gavel on top of a pile of cash that represents a legal battle between Werner Enterprises and a driver

Christopher Midgett, a driver who bought a truck from a Werner Enterprises subsidiary in 2015, faced steep repair bills that ate into his earnings. In 2018, a legal battle commenced, alleging that Werner had wrongly classified drivers as independent contractors. The lawsuit claimed that trucking costs were also deducted from their wages. This ongoing dispute originated from these allegations.

Nearly 200 drivers joined the case against Werner, claiming the carrier shifted its overhead expenses onto its workers, violating wage laws, and pushing old trucks onto unsuspecting employees.

Werner denied these claims but acknowledged that owner-operators covered repair and maintenance expenses. In November 2022, the parties reached a settlement agreement valued at $750,000, excluding Midgett’s claims.

The court approved this settlement, granting current and former employees a chance to receive awards ranging from $100 to $10,000. The dispute, spanning five years, concluded in November after Midgett and the carrier reached a separate deal. The parties didn’t disclose details of this settlement.