Inside view of an autonomous truck driving on the highway

We’ve got some exciting news from Uber Freight, and it’s all about the future of trucking – the autonomous kind! Lior Ron, the brains behind Uber Freight, is all in for the idea of driverless trucks.

Let’s dive into the details. According to Ron, shippers are all aboard the autonomy train. In a recent chat, he spilled the beans, “We have a list of over a hundred shippers waiting to engage with those deployments. And we’re actually in a supply crunch of not having enough capacity from the autonomy providers to satisfy the demand.”

Uber Freight is teaming up with top-notch players like Aurora Innovation, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, and the new kid on the block, Waabi. This is in an effort to make autonomous dreams a reality. Moreover, They’re on a mission to knock off 40% of the operating cost by removing the driver – a game-changer for sure!

Now, Uber Freight isn’t planning to own autonomous tractors. As Ron puts it, “Never say never, but that’s not our business model.” Instead, they’re all about making partnerships that drive innovation and efficiency.

Sure, autonomy comes with its challenges. Ron highlights the need for time and adjustment. Additionally, With the goal of small-scale commercialization as early as 2024, the industry giants like Aurora Innovation and Kodiak Robotics are figuring out the nitty-gritty details.

But where’s the testing ground for these autonomous wonders? Texas, baby! The stretch from Dallas to Houston is the go-to spot. Furthermore, Uber Freight is eyeing the longer lanes, like Fort Worth to El Paso and Houston to Atlanta, for bigger opportunities. It’s all about making the operation super smooth and cost-efficient.

And guess what? Berkshire Hathaway, the powerhouse with a whopping $157 billion, is stepping into the autonomous trucking game. They’re cozying up with Kodiak Robotics, and together, they’re exploring the world of autonomous trucking hubs, starting in Atlanta.
It’s like a thrilling chapter in the evolution of trucking, and Uber Freight is in the driver’s seat, steering toward a future where trucks navigate the roads with a mind of their own.