In today’s volatile and rapidly changing business landscape, building your business with a rock-solid logistics partner is crucial. At New Light Enterprises (NLE), we’re not just about moving goods from point A to point B—we’re here to leverage your entire supply chain with smart, innovative insights that help you profitably grow your business. Let’s talk about the New Light Difference and why we’re the perfect solution for growing your business.

3PL Services vs. New Light

So, what exactly is the difference between a traditional 3PL and the New Light model? While the 3PL industry has matured since it’s inception, many of the current solutions in the market fall far short of what New Light provides for one main reason:  The difference between focusing on MOVING shipments versus MANAGING them.

Why is this difference important?

  • Saving Money: We optimize logistics to drive out costs (waste) by supporting the management of the total freight spend. This holistic approach is much more effective than the approach of many traditional 3PLs who seek to reduce cost by continual short-term incentive (teaser) reductions, sold thru highly incented and marginally educated salespeople. 
  • Expert Help: Access our logistics expertise allows our clients to avoid problems and plan out cost controls before problems arise which results in a more stable supply chain and increased profits.  In contrast, many traditional 3PLs ride the wave when times are good and fail to support the client’s best interests when inevitable shifts occur in the marketplace. 
  • Staying Flexible: Our business model allows us to scale your operations as needed while our competitors often end up flat-footed and lacking innovation when it is needed most.  In advance.
  • We Focus on What Matters: Our approach focuses on growing our clients’ business by sharing and assuming responsibilities and by customizing our services which allows the client to redeploy valuable resources to help grow the bottom line. Let us support your logistics efforts so you can focus on growth.
  • Widen Your View: Our people and technology are just better.  We have taken the mystery out of the shipping process, which allows our clients to see and understand their costs.  This innovative approach allows our clients to make better decisions with their assets, which helps them maintain and grow more satisfied customers.
  • Full Transparency: Get complete visibility into the total costs of your supply chain.

Beyond Trucking

Unlike traditional trucking companies, NLE offers a full suite of logistics services. From freight brokerage in all modes of domestic transport to warehouse site selection to full-scale supply chain development and management, we cover it all. This means we can support every logistics need you have, making us your long-term partner for complete supply chain solutions. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions that boost efficiency, increase profits, and keep your customers happy.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At NLE, we have leveraged the latest tech insights to keep your logistics running smoothly. Our advanced systems offer, through integration, full visibility into our client’s supply chain while providing personalized data that gives them a competitive edge in their perspective markets.

Tailored to Your Needs

We know every business is different, which is why we offer customized logistics solutions. Whether it’s specialized transportation, unique warehousing needs, or personalized distribution strategies, we’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your business perfectly.

Proven Success

We’ve got a strong track record of successful projects across various industries. Our case studies and client testimonials showcase our expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction. At NLE, we’re all about delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

We believe in transparency and our pricing is straightforward. We offer competitive rates that provide extreme value when comparing the high level of service and expertise we provide vs other providers. With NLE, you will experience premium service priced competitively in the market.

Outstanding Customer Support

Our customer support is second to none. Every client gets a dedicated account manager team who are there to help with anything you need. We prioritize responsiveness and proactive communication to ensure you’re always in the loop.

Ready to Grow with You

As your business grows, so do your logistics needs. NLE’s solutions are designed to scale with your business. Our extensive network and advanced systems mean we can handle increased volumes and new requirements without missing a beat.

We Care, We Commit, We Customize

At New Light Enterprises, we truly care about our clients’ success. This is why we commit to providing the highest quality logistics services and maintaining strong, reliable partnerships. We understand that every business has its own unique challenges and needs, and that’s why we customize our solutions to fit your specific requirements. From personalized logistics strategies to flexible affordable service options, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to help you achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.

The New Light Difference is all about offering comprehensive services, industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, customized solutions, a proven track record, value driven pricing, exceptional support, and scalability. We are dedicated to optimizing your supply chain and growing your business with innovative and reliable logistics solutions. Partner with us and experience the difference.