Innovative company, Relocalize, secures $2.3 million in funding to build autonomous micro-factories

Montreal-based cleantech startup Relocalize has announced the successful closure of a $2.3 million seed extension. This accelerates the development of its groundbreaking autonomous production platform. Spearheaded by Desjardins Capital and supported by initial seed investors, the funding round brings Relocalize’s total raised capital to $5.8 million. This signals a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards revolutionizing the food and beverage production landscape.

Rethinking Food Production

Relocalize’s innovative approach aims to disrupt traditional supply chains by introducing fully autonomous, container-based microfactories capable of producing food and beverage products hyperlocally at grocery distribution centers. By eliminating the need for middle-mile transportation, Relocalize reduces carbon emissions. It also de-risks supply chains for retailers, enabling on-demand production and enhancing operational efficiency.

The startup’s flagship product, packaged ice, serves as a testament to the transformative potential of its technology. With a market valued at $8.5 billion and characterized by regional monopolies, the packaged ice industry presents a ripe opportunity. Relocalize can introduce its decentralized production model. By co-locating manufacturing and distribution, Relocalize aims to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Relocalize’s Expansion and Vision

Wayne McIntyre, CEO of Relocalize, emphasizes the company’s vision of decentralizing production and pioneering autonomous manufacturing. Through a combination of proprietary software and off-the-shelf hardware, Relocalize’s microfactories operate efficiently. They run autonomously 24/7 to meet the demands of retailers.

Packaged ice serves as the initial focus for Relocalize. However, the company envisions expanding its product offerings to include other food and beverage items, leveraging the flexibility of its microfactory platform. Nathalie Bernard, COO of Desjardins Capital, underscores the alignment between Relocalize’s mission and Desjardins Group’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions across industries. She highlights the strategic significance of the investment.

The latest funding injection will fuel Relocalize’s expansion efforts. It will particularly focus on scaling its engineering team to meet the growing demand from retailers. With plans to deliver a full-scale prototype by the end of 2024, Relocalize aims to establish itself as a leader in sustainable food production. It seeks to drive positive environmental impact while delivering value to its partners and stakeholders.

As Relocalize continues to push boundaries and pioneer transformative solutions, the company remains dedicated to its mission of advancing sustainability and reshaping the future of food production for the betterment of both people and the planet.