Covered red bridge in the Midwest

Big news from the tracks – Regional Rail, with the awesome backing of infrastructure investment wizards 3i, is on a mission. They’re set to acquire not one, but two short-line railroads in the heart of the Midwest – Indiana and Ohio, to be exact!

So, what’s the buzz? The Indiana Eastern Railroad and the Ohio South Central Railroad are now part of the Regional Rail family. As a result, there is a substantial 107 mile increase to the company’s footprint. Picture this – these lines cater to industrial end markets, from food to agriculture and chemicals. It’s like the heartbeat of the heartland!

Consequently, this move is a game-changer, boosting Regional Rail’s presence in the Midwest. Hailing from the charming Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, this go-getter company isn’t new to the expansion game. Having previously acquired the Effingham Railroad Co., South Point & Ohio Railroad, and the Illinois Western Railroad Company back in December 2022. Plus, they’ve been rocking the freight rail operations at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor since October 2022. Talk about making waves!

Hold on, there’s more – Regional Rail isn’t just a Midwest sensation. Their rail magic extends to the Mid-Atlantic region, Florida, and even the cool Saskatchewan province up in Canada. It’s like they’re laying down tracks of success all over!

Al Sauer, the maestro behind Regional Rail, expresses enthusiasm about this journey. In his words, “We are excited to partner with the existing teams at the Indiana Eastern Railroad and Ohio South Central Railroad to expand our operations in the Midwest and look forward to building on the companies’ track records of providing a high-quality service to their customers and driving additional growth.”

Transitioning to a shoutout from George Andres, CEO at Indiana Eastern Railroad and Ohio South Central Railroad: “We are proud of what we have established and built with these railroads over many years and believe that Regional Rail is the perfect partner to continue our legacy and support our employees and customers going forward.”

So, there you have it – Regional Rail’s Midwest adventure is on full throttle, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. Here’s to more tracks, more growth, and more success on this exciting journey!