Notes with positive messages posted to a corkboard.

As we close out January many of us are probably experiencing the “goal-setting hangover” I often reference Goal Setting as a key element in personal leadership but not the ONLY discipline needed for success.

In fact, goal setting alone is worthless!

Why? Because it’s just the beginning.  That’s all.

Application of our goals is another significant step in the right direction.  Getting up early, fighting traffic, and running to appointments is a daunting task, even for the best of us.

January 1 always seems to bring such great hope but by February 1 many of us are scratching our heads, rubbing our eyes and saying to ourselves what just happened?

That’s because we are missing one key ingredient that the greatest of the great have always embraced….

Nothing Works.

If you think about it, most of the greatest joys and successes we experience come after a period of struggle and adversity.

Don’t agree?  Then watch this video of my greatest human mentor.  After waking up to a surgical pain, compounded by the remnants of a flu bug, I needed something to clear my head, so I fired up this old video this morning and it was the rocket fuel I needed to re-engage the journey for 2023.  Enjoy!