Visualizing the Impact: Mass Layoffs in the Freight and Logistics Industry Amid Economic Downturn

The freight and logistics industry is grappling with a series of mass layoffs and facility closures. These actions are affecting workers across various states including California, Illinois, and Michigan.

DHL Supply Chain, a prominent third-party logistics provider, is among the companies facing significant layoffs. The company announced the layoff of 161 workers at its facility in Joliet, Illinois. The layoffs result from losing a key customer, although the filing did not disclose the customer’s identity. The affected facility serves as a distribution center for snack and candy manufacturer Mars Inc. As a result, it is expected that a majority of its associates will transition to a new employer by April 1.

In a separate development, Hillside Logistics LLC, another transportation and logistics provider, revealed plans to shutter its facility in Hillside, Illinois, resulting in 136 layoffs. The company announced the closure, scheduled for April 30, without providing a specific reason. The company, a subsidiary of Need It Now Delivers LLC, did not respond to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, global logistics giant Ceva Logistics is cutting 80 jobs at its Romulus, Michigan, distribution facility. The company cites reduced business from Ford Motor Co. as the reason for the layoffs. The move follows Ford’s announcement of downsizing its workforce as a result in declining demand for electric vehicles. Marseille-based Ceva Logistics expressed surprise at the sudden need for closure, given its exclusive support for Ford at the site.

DXS Logistics, a last-mile provider based in Downey, California, has disclosed plans to cease operations at an Amazon facility in Cypress. This decision will result in the layoff of 80 workers. The closure, expected by April 15, marks a significant change for the company. The company currently operates 15 power units and employs 50 drivers.

Adding to the wave of layoffs, Quad Logistics Services announced the closure of its mail processing and distribution center in Bolingbrook, Illinois, affecting 74 employees. The move is part of a broader strategic decision by Quad, a marketing and magazine printing company. This decision also includes the closure of a printing plant in Saratoga Springs, New York, impacting 435 employees.

Additionally, Universal Intermodal Services is letting go of 42 truck drivers at its Fontana, California, facility. This information is indicated by state filings.

These layoffs underscore the challenges faced by companies in the freight and logistics sector, influenced by factors such as shifting consumer preferences, changes in industry dynamics, and evolving market demands. As affected workers seek new opportunities, the industry continues to navigate a complex landscape of economic pressures and operational adjustments.